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Sunday November 19, 2017

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NCSFA Annual Conference

RALEIGH – Registration is now open for the 124th Annual Conference of the North Carolina State Firemen’s Association. The conference will be held at the Raleigh Convention Center, August 10-13.

The conference originally started as an annual meeting of association members to conduct NCSFA business. Since 1887 the annual meeting has evolved into a comprehensive regional fire-rescue expo which provides attendees opportunities that include: pre-conference hands on training, workshops on the latest trends and topics, inspirational keynote speakers, state and partnering association/agency meetings, multiple networking opportunities, and 150,000 square feet of exhibit space.

Representatives from the fire-rescue services and vendor industry have worked diligently to create a conference that focuses on the latest trends that impact our profession. No matter the size or make up of a department (volunteer, combination, fully career, one station or multiple stations), attendees will find that this conference will be beneficial to their organization.

The NCSFA has implemented a new online registration system to help departments or individual members register for the conference so visit the South Atlantic Fire-Rescue Expo website to view the conference schedule and register today!

Looking forward to seeing you in Raleigh!

Take care and stay safe,
R. Scott Alderman
President, NCSFA

Friend of Firefighters Award Presented

President Scott Alderman and Representative Dale R. Folwell


RALEIGH – The first ever Friend of Firefighters award was presented to Representative Dale R. Folwell of Forsyth County during the 2011 Legislative Day event held May 17th.

In 2009 Representative Folwell sponsored and worked diligently to pass House Bill 557. This bill, entitled “An Act to Enact the Future Volunteer Firefighters and Rescue Squad Members Act of North Carolina”, helped resolve issues surrounding the junior firefighter programs.

He has protected and defended many important issues related to funding for fire service programs. He has taken the time to become well educated on the programs and issues of the fire service and he has kept his door open and been accessible to our members.

We are proud and appreciative of the work done by Representative Folwell on our behalf. It is only fitting that he should be recognized for his efforts. Thank you Representative Folwell. We are indebted to you for your service.

2011 Legislative Day

NCSFA Members arrive at the Legislative Building in Raleigh.


RALEIGH – On Tuesday, May 17th, the North Carolina State Firemen’s Association sponsored the annual Legislative Day.We had 70 firefighters from all across North Carolina come to Raleigh to participate in the event.

Most all of our fire service organizations were represented.  We all owe these 70 firefighters thanks for the outstanding job they did.

Legislators were visited and thanked for their support, issues were presented and questions were answered by this group of firefighters.  The end result has been a very positive response from legislators and their staff.  We have been told repeatedly how polite and well informed our delegation was as they made their visits and presentations.  The entire fire service will benefit from the hard work of these 70 members.

Our hope is that next year this 70 will turn into 150 and those into 300. We have 120 members in the House and 50 members in the Senate.  Our hope is that one day we will have someone from each House and each Senate member’s district to visit them.  That would give us maximum exposure and increase our results.  Never underestimate the power of your visit.

We will see positive results from this year and hopefully even better results as our attendance increases.  Thank you again to those who came.  You did a marvelous job.  Please come back next year and bring someone with you.

Firefighters Surpass $500,000 Donation Mark By Way of Special Debit Card

Maurice Smith and Paul Miller

Firefighters Surpass $500,000 Donation Mark By Way of Special Debit Card
Money goes to the NC State Firemen’s Association in support of state’s firefighters

RALEIGH, NC (5/19/11) — Local Government Federal Credit Union (LGFCU) is pleased to report that a specially structured Visa debit card available to all North Carolina firefighters and their families has resulted in a total of $529,633 being donated to the NC State Firemen’s Association (NCSFA).

Along with generating revenue for the NCSFA, which provides training, education and support to NC firefighters, the program stimulates spending in communities across North Carolina. Firefighters and their families have used their cards to spend more than $112 million since April 2003.

“We are proud that our partnership with the NCSFA continues to thrive; in the first quarter of this year alone, the program generated more than $43,000,” said LGFCU President Maurice Smith. “It not only benefits the brave firefighters of our state, but provides a boost to local economies across North Carolina.”

There are currently more than 5,600 cards in circulation.

Congressional Fire Service Institute 2011

Members from the North Carolina fire service gathered in Washington, DC last week for the annual Congressional Fire Services Dinner. During the stay in Washington the group visited with all of the North Carolina congressional delegation and updated them on issues of interest to the fire service in our state. The meetings went very well and the delegation from North Carolina was well received. It is important that we make this effort each year to personally visit with our members of Congress. Congress deals with thousands of issues each session, and the old adage is true – the squeaky wheel gets the grease. We need funding and reauthorization for SAFER and the AFG Grants. We need funding for the Fire Academy as well as support for other issues, many of which have no funding requirements. If we do not go to the “Hill” on a regular basis and present our issues our business will get lost in the shuffle. Thank you to everyone who attended and for your efforts on behalf of all firefighters in this state and nation. You did a wonderful job and represented us well.