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Saturday November 01, 2014

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We Are Proud To Announce The 2014 NCSFA Scholarship Award Recipients

Congratulations to the 2014 NCSFA Scholarship Award Recipients!  We wish you every success in your academic future and are proud to be able to contribute by awarding you a well deserved scholarship.

George Horace Moore Scholarship
Eastern Mathew R Nelson High School Associate’s Archers Lodge
Bryson N Worley High School Associate’s Taylor’s Bridge
Perry A King High School Associate’s Piney Grove
Nicholas G Stanley High School Bachelor’s Elizabeth City
Joseph A Bryant High School Bachelor’s Enfield
Jessica N Cleary High School Bachelor’s Belhaven
James S Moore Vol. Firefighter Associate’s Elevation
Hunter N Barrow Vol. Firefighter Associate’s Arba
Jonathan A Nixon Vol. Firefighter Bachelor’s Bethel
Anthony E Lovitt Vol. Firefighter Bachelor’s Castoria Rural
Ronnie M Flowers Career Firefighter Associate’s Washington
Brent T Hamilton Career Firefighter Associate’s Washington
Spencer E Lee Career Firefighter Bachelors Jacksonville
Donald L Burns Career Firefighter Bachelors Wilmington
Herbert D. Garmon Scholarship
Piedmont Cody W Joyner High School Associates Fair Grove
Morgan P Lee High School Associate’s Cary
Jacob L Hawkins High School Associate’s Cumberland Road
Greyson M Vann High School Bachelor’s Cumberland Road
Kathleen G Sawtelle High School Bachelor’s Kernersville
Daniel M Sartin High School Bachelor’s Providence
Brandon P Wall Vol. Firefighter Associate’s Stokes-Rockingham
Cody M Ake Vol. Firefighter Associate’s Vander
Kevin P Biegert Vol. Firefighter Bachelor’s Summerfield
Timothy W Guffey Vol. Firefighter Bachelor’s Eastern Wake
Anthony S Crowder Career Firefighter Associate’s Reidsville
Philip N Butler Career Firefighter Associate’s Greensboro
Frederick P Hall, V Career Firefighter Bachelor’s Greensboro
James R Burgess Career Firefighter Bachelor’s Fire District 13
George M. Bartlett Scholarship
Western Cody E McCurry High School Associate’s No. 3
Cory R Winchester High School Associates West Swain
Trevor W Haynes High School Associates Cherryville
Nolan R Rudisill High School Bachelor’s Maiden
Andrew D Yount High School Bachelor’s Conover
Mitchell T Lance High School Bachelor’s Hanging Dog
Nathan L Elliott Vol. Firefighter Associate’s Cove Creek
Scott M Hurt Vol. Firefighter Associate’s Crowders Mountain
Marty L McGuinn Vol. Firefighter Bachelor’s Sunny View
Robert M Lowrie Vol. Firefighter Bachelor’s Matthews
Mark R Stafford Career Firefighter Associate’s Conover
Barry S Kuhnemann Career Firefighter Associate’s Mooresville
Ryan M Cole Career Firefighter Bachelor’s Skyland
Eric B Pope Career Firefighter Bachelor’s Mooresville
Paul F. Miller Master’s Degree Scholarship
Eastern Thomas J Leonard Volunteer & Career Masters New Hanover County
Piedmont Richard S McGuire Volunteer & Career Masters Fort Bragg
Western Stephen J Bailey Volunteer & Career Masters Wesley Chapel

For Review – 2014 Scholarship Program


The 2014 North Carolina State Firemen’s Association Scholarship application process is now open.

The NCSFA will sponsor four specific categories of scholarships in each of the three regions that span North Carolina. Each region will receive $62,000 for a statewide total of $186,000 in 2014.

The categories are as follows:

  • Career Firefighter
  • High School Senior
  • Master’s Degree
  • Volunteer Firefighter

Applications must be post marked or show proof of shipping by March 15, 2014 at 5:00 p.m.

Please review the following policies that govern the scholarship process. All Applicants should review these policies prior to beginning the application process.

2014 NCSFA Scholarship Policies

After reviewing the above policies, proceed to the Application Process.

2013 Scholarships Now Available


2013 Scholarships Now Available Online
The 2013 NCSFA Scholarships are available online now, click here to access the applications.
The NCSFA’s scholarship program has been revamped.  Among the improvements to the program is an increase in the amount awarded from $124,000 to $157,500.  It is our hope that we can aid as many of our members as possible and increasing the award amount is a step in that direction. There are a few other changes to the NCSFA’s Scholarship Program as well.  The scholarships are now divided into 4 categories: Career Firefighter, Volunteer Firefighter, High School & Master’s Degree. Also new this year, each firefighter may only apply for one scholarship and the applications must be submitted by mail, not electronically.  More details can be found by visiting our webpage.
Please read the instructions carefully before begnning the application process and let us know if you have any questions, 800-253-4733 or kris@ncsfa.com.
Stay safe.

What is the difference between a grant and a scholarship?

A scholarship is awarded over a period of 2 years or 4 years, depending on the particular scholarship awarded.

A grant is given to the recipient in one lump sum.

Is my child eligible to apply for grants or scholarships?

If you are a member in good standing of a department that is a member of the NC State Firemen’s Association then you are eligible to apply for any of the applicable scholarships or grants to help further your child’s education.

Scholarship applications are accepted annually from January 1st to March 15th.