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Thursday December 14, 2017

NC Fallen Firefighters Foundation Seeking Volunteer Logistical Support Teams

The North Carolina Fallen Firefighters Foundation is seeking Volunteer Logistical Support Teams.  These teams will work with the NCFFF Board of Directors at events where additional support and assistance is needed.  Examples of these events are funeral services, Annual Memorial Service activities, fundraising projects, working the NCFFF booth at Fire Schools/shows and any other events supported by the NCFFF Board of Directors.

For additional information and the Volunteer Logistical Support Team paperwork, please follow the link below:


NVFC Membership Option

There is an NVFC membership option for North Carolina fire departments at a discounted rate.

When updating your department’s NCSFA roster online, we recommend you consider the option to join the National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC).  We have a state dues program with NVFC.  Therefore, your NVFC membership is priced less and it provides a $10,000.00 Accidental Death and Disability insurance benefit with a double indemnity provision for line of duty injury deaths.
The cost for the NVFC benefit is $15.00 per rostered member annually.  Volunteer firefighters particularly benefit from the NVFC membership.  The NVFC represents your member’s legislative interest at the national level.  The higher the number of NVFC members, the more effective their voice is on Capitol Hill regarding issues such as tax deductions for volunteers.  Although the membership provides excellent benefits for the cost, gaining the additional level of advocacy nationally speaks volumes.  Municipal and career departments may join the NVFC.
You can pay for the NVFC dues at the same time you pay for your NCSFA dues, when you update your roster online.

Welcome New NCSFA Board and Staff Members

Effective December 1st, Dean Coward has officially resigned his position as Treasurer with the North Carolina State Firefighters’ Association to accept a full time position as Financial Director of the Association. Going from a volunteer role as Treasurer offers Dean insight into investing and managing our funds more frequently that can save and earn more dividends for our membership than ever before. It also greatly improves our capacity for fiscal review and management in an organization responsible for providing financial benefits and protection to our State’s fire service. Dean is a CPA, has extensive experience in the fire service, and knows the fiscal background and responsibilities of the Association in depth. We’re excited to have him joining our staff.


Effective December 1st, Jay Howell from Nahunta Fire will assume the responsibilities of Treasurer of the Association. Jay was appointed by the NCSFA Board, as indicated in the bylaws,  to serve as Interim Treasurer until next year’s Annual Conference when the membership will be responsible for electing a new Treasurer. Jay has extensive history in the fire service as a firefighter, Chief, and served as President of the NC Association of Fire Chief’s. Jay’s extensive background and experience will serve the Association membership well moving forward.


Please join the NCSFA Board and staff in welcoming both Dean and Jay.


Dean Coward, Financial Director, NCSFA









Jay Howell, Treasurer, NCSFA

State Health Plan for Fire/Rescue Personnel – Updated Contact Info

Due to a review of IRS Regulations, the State Treasurers Office has determined that non-governmental fire departments (non-profits) are not eligible to participate in the State Health Plan. Those currently participating will be contacted at some point in the future to transition their coverage to another plan.



If you are an active firefighter or rescue squad worker or a member of the North Carolina Firefighters’ and Rescue Workers’ Pension Fund, under certain conditions you may be eligible to purchase health coverage for you and your family under the North Carolina State Health Plan for Teachers and State Employees on a fully contributory basis.  G.S. 135-48.40(d).
Who may be eligible to participate?
·       Members actively serving as firefighters or rescue squad workers and retired members who receive a monthly benefit from the North Carolina Firefighters’ and Rescue Squad Workers’ Pension Fund.
·       Dependents of members, including spouses and natural, legally adopted, or foster children up to the end of the month of their 26th birthday.
Participation is voluntary, but to be eligible to participate you must be:
•       Certified by your Fire Department, Rescue Squad, or Emergency Medical Services Unit Head/Administrator.
•       Ineligible for any other comprehensive group health insurance coverage, including Medicare, CHAMPUS, or other uniformed services benefits.
•      Without coverage under a comprehensive group health benefit plan for at least 6 consecutive months.
For more information regarding coverage options, enrollment, and eligibility contact Rita at 919-814-4400.

Firefighter Health Study

Researchers from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, in coordination with the National Volunteer Fire Council, are seeking volunteer firefighters to participate in a study on the health benefits to emergency responders and their families of using the Mediterranean Diet. Participants will have access to online tools and strategies for implementing healthier eating habits to minimize the risk of developing serious chronic diseases.


Volunteer/call firefighters, EMTs, and rescue personnel ages 18 and older along with their spouses or significant others are eligible to participate. Participation is free, confidential, and can be withdrawn at any time. All participants will have access to a series of online tools specifically designed to help firefighters and their families improve their health.


To participate, simply fill out the introductory questionnaire found here:


Shorter follow-up questionnaires will be sent to participants once every three months for the next year to monitor progress. The goal of the program is to improve health, reduce risks of heart disease and other serious illnesses, and help inform future firefighter health interventions.


If you have any questions, please email: