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Thursday December 14, 2017

Firefighter of the Year Application


The purpose of this award is to recognize a present member of an organized fire department who has served his department, community, state, and or nation above and beyond normal expectations during his service as a firefighter in the year since the previous award.

Click here for Valor Award form.


The candidate shall have demonstrated commitment to their department, community, and State; and have contributed in a positive manner to the enrichment of the fire department and community they represent. This award may be awarded posthumously.


Any person who is a member of a recognized fire service organization in the State of North Carolina and also a member of the N.C. State Firefighters’ Association is eligible.


The nomination must be submitted by one of the following:
1. Any member of a volunteer, combination, or career fire department in North Carolina.
2. Any N.C. Fire Service Association (by letter from association President)

The nomination shall be submitted on the provided application and include and or illustrate positions, deeds, accomplishments, awards of distinction, length of service, and any other related pertinent information.

The nomination shall also include efforts on behalf of other worthwhile community services and awards of distinction.

Review of nominations will be conducted by the NCSFA Awards Committee.

Nominations for “acts of bravery” will be applied for under the NCSFA Valor Award.


Applications will be completed and submitted to the NCSFA Executive Director no later than May 1st annually.

Individuals nominated by a partner State or Regional Association shall be submitted by that Association’s current President.


The annual award will be presented at the NCSFA Annual Conference Banquet to the recipient or their family.

The award will be presented by the NCSFA President and the previous year’s award recipient.

A service pin, medal, certificate, and plaque commemorating the accomplishment(s) will be awarded to the recipient.

The award presented each year will be recommended by the NCSFA Awards Committee to the NCSFA Executive Board at the June board meeting.

The recipients’ name will be placed in a location of prominence in the NCSFA office as a remembrance of their service.

Firefighter of the Year

Please complete the following form to nominate a North Carolina Firefighter for "Firefighter of the Year":
  • List primary Fire Department
  • Additional information, documents, letters, etc may be submitted with this form. The nominee must be a member of the North Carolina State Firefighters' Association. Nominations must be received on or before May 1, 2017.