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Sunday December 17, 2017

Friend of Firefighters Award Presented

President Scott Alderman and Representative Dale R. Folwell


RALEIGH – The first ever Friend of Firefighters award was presented to Representative Dale R. Folwell of Forsyth County during the 2011 Legislative Day event held May 17th.

In 2009 Representative Folwell sponsored and worked diligently to pass House Bill 557. This bill, entitled “An Act to Enact the Future Volunteer Firefighters and Rescue Squad Members Act of North Carolina”, helped resolve issues surrounding the junior firefighter programs.

He has protected and defended many important issues related to funding for fire service programs. He has taken the time to become well educated on the programs and issues of the fire service and he has kept his door open and been accessible to our members.

We are proud and appreciative of the work done by Representative Folwell on our behalf. It is only fitting that he should be recognized for his efforts. Thank you Representative Folwell. We are indebted to you for your service.


  1. Tim, the following response if from Paul Miller, Executive Director of NCSFA.

    Representative Folwell has been a good friend over the years. He wrote and drove to passage the junior firefighter bill. He stopped several attempts to rob the Volunteer Safety Workers’ Compensation Fund. He has done other good things for us. We do not agree with all of the bill, but there are some really good points in the bill. We are trying to keep the door open to talk with Representative Folwell. We may not be able to make any changes, but if you cannot get in the door, you cannot have an impact. This is why we made the presentation. Please call or write a follow-up if you have any questions. I will be happy to help in any way possible. Thank you, Paul (

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