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Wednesday February 10, 2016

NCFFF Memorial Service & Mothers Day

Raleigh, NC – Today, the N.C. fire service recognized two fallen brothers (Chad Green and Adam Miller) at the 2011 N.C. Fallen Firefighters Memorial Service. The NCFFF, honor guards, bag pipers and support personnel did a tremendous job organizing and delivering this year’s service.  Before the service I spoke with Frankie Capps from Union Road Fire Department. Officers and firefighters from Union Road Fire Department traveled up Saturday to attend the service. Frankie had it right today when he said that all firefighters, especially new firefighters, should attend the memorial service and witness firsthand how the loss of a brother or sister impacts families and fellow firefighters. If you haven’t taken the opportunity, I suggest next year you do what Union Road did today, load up your newest firefighters and share a message thru a powerful experience.

To all Moms out there, may you have a happy and blessed Mothers Day!

Be Safe and Take Care.

Cherryville Fire Department

Cherryville Fire Department

Cherryville Fire Department

Fire Chief
Jeffery C. Cash

Cherryville Fire Department
411 E. Church St., Cherryville, NC 28021

Type of Department

Number of members

Number of Stations

Year department was established

County or counties your is district located

Services offered
Suppression, EMT, Haz-mat Ops, ERT

Annual call volume

What challenges does your department face?
Minimum staffing during daytime hours.

Transitioning to a Combination Department

Garner firefighters battle a house fire on December 31, 2010. Lee Wilson Photo

Transitioning from a volunteer department to a department with part-time or full-time employees can be difficult.

NFPA Standards, OSHA Regulations, Federal/State Labor Laws and IRS rules impact a department’s transformation from an all volunteer department to a combination department. The number of combination departments in North Carolina increase year after year, especially in the non-profit (501-C3, 501-C4) departments.

In 2010, it was estimated that there are roughly 1600 fulltime employees and approximately 3200 part-time employees of non-profit fire departments in our state and that number increases each year.

Below are links to resources that combination departments or departments transitioning to combination may find helpful.

It is recommended that all departments seek legal counsel and a CPA to assist them thru the transition.

International Association of Fire Chiefs / Volunteer Combination Chief Officer Section:
Red Ribbon Report – Leading the Transition in Volunteer and Combination Departments

North Carolina Department of Labor (NC OSHA)

National Fire Protection Association (standards can be viewed on-line at no charge)

OSFM Occupational Safety and Health Planning Document

NCAFC Fire Service Reference Manual