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Monday February 20, 2017

Legislative Day


Legislative Day 2016



Governor Pat McCrory attended and provided a welcome. Commissioner Wayne Goodwin, and Representative Bill Brawley, Mecklenburg also attended the opening and provided comments. Your NCSFA and NCAFC’s Boards were in attendance as well and a briefing was conducted by President Kevin Gordon on current legislation and some tips for visits with legislators. 

The day turned out to be very productive, as indicated by action on certain bills below. The personal visits by over 175 fire professionals to legislators made an impact today and for the future, as well as uniformed fire personnel both in the gallery of the House of Representatives and Committee meetings. 


Here is some Bill action and results from the day.

HB 19, which is a bill we are using to carry some of our priorities through the legislative session, passed the Senate Insurance Committee and is now headed to the Senate floor for vote. There was very little debate and the bill went through without discussion. Thanks to Senator Shirley Randleman and Senator Warren Daniels for carrying the bills in committee, and Rep. Graham for allowing us to use HB 19. 


HB 451 on Suicide Study for Firefighter’s was calendared for the House floor today and was approved 117/0 with no dissenting votes. We had around 40 fire professionals in the gallery. This bill heads to the Senate the week of June 20. 


SB 303, which contained some Building Code provisions that the fire service felt concerned about was amended to remove those sections of concern. Thanks to Rep. Bill Brawley and Rep. Jason Saine for their support in getting the provisions removed, and thanks to Rep. Mark Brody for agreeing to the changes. Many others too many to mention also helped. The fire service calls and visits on this issue had a significant impact.


Other bills were discussed and supported, which will have an impact later in the session.THANKS TO ALL WHO MADE THE TRIP AND VISITED THEIR MEMBERS. LOOK FOR THE PICTURE ON OUR WEB OF RED CARPET PHOTO.


Your Board’s and committee members, as well as our legislative liaison Debbie Clary have worked hard to keep our priorities moving, which is difficult in a short session. It is hard to calculate the impact fire service presence today had, not just for the bills today, but well into the future. Since the session is moving quickly, please thank your local Representatives and Senators for supporting our initiatives today and in the future. 

Tim Bradley, CFO, EFO, FIFireE
Executive Director