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Eastern Region:
Chaplain Don Sharp
Oak City Fire Department
252-798-4371 Cell
252-798-0064 Home

Chaplain Johnny A. Phillips
Williamston Fire Department
252-792-3625 Cell
252-809-0815 Home

Piedmont Region:
Chaplain Gene W. Moore
Swift Creek Fire Department

Reverend Brian G. King
336-655-0980 Cell
336-806-1552 Pager
336-969-5379 Home
336-391-5509 Home Alternate

Western Region:
Chaplain Eric Davis
Shelby Fire Department

Guidelines for Chaplain Regional Response Teams:

  • At each Regional Association meeting, Chaplains will meet in conjunction with the regional meeting. Meeting with regional associations will provide for a place to meet, a time for fellowship and a meal.

  • Provide a networking opportunity for the Fire and Rescue departments to interact with the Chaplains in their regions. Note that not all departments have a Chaplain, and that opens the door for these departments to see and talk with a Chaplain in their local area.

  • Provide a networking opportunity for the Chaplains in their respective regions. In the event when a local or regional incident occurs, the Chaplains will have already established a rapport and be able to work as a team.

  • Recruit a backup Chaplain as a contact person in the event that the Lead Chaplain is unavailable.