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To join the North Carolina State Firemen's Association, departments must be recognized as a rated department by the State of North Carolina Department of Insurance.

To discuss joining the North Carolina State Firemen's Association, contact the Association office in Farmville at:

1-800-253-4733 or e-mail Paul Miller, Executive Director.

The mission of the North Carolina State Firemenís Association is to promote harmony in the fire service, insure prosperity, and promote the best interests of the membership.

The Association will endeavor to enhance current benefits and work to provide additional benefits that ensure a better quality of life for the members and their families.

The Association will serve as an informational resource and a clearinghouse on issues of importance to the membership.

We will offer assistance to members in need and work to ensure that they receive the benefits he or she is entitled to in a timely manner.

It is our desire to achieve a level of excellence in service that will be obvious to every person who comes into contact with our organization.

Our mission is to have our membership clearly see and feel our commitment to service.

These basic goals are carried out as a part of the mission and "core values" of the Association which are:

 - Advocacy on behalf of members and the community

 - Creation of a stable funding base

 - Providing security to members and their families

 - Developing leadership skills and productivity

 - Embracing high ethical standards

 - Develop collaborations

 - Be inclusive and honest in its work